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The Sky Remains The Same As Ever (2007) DVD

Tidak perlu pengenalan untuk band ini kerana mereka baru sahaja singgah di  KL minggu lepas.

01. Intro
02. The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain
03. The Kidnapper Bell
04. Moonlight
05. Interview with Lost Snow
06. Yearning
07. Yearning in Sweden
08. Sabbath
09. Lost Snow
10. Lost Snow Audience Shot
11. Gone in The Electrical
12. Mere Your Pathetique Light
13. A Thousand Paper Cranes in Hiroshima and NY
14. Com in Korea
15. Rainbow
16. Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
17. Gone / (Image Reflection) Collaboration with J (Live in Seattle) / The Kidnapper Bell dan lain2

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Tags: dvd, jepun, posrok, terbaik
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